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What Days Should I Fly My American Flag?

Feel free to fly your flag every day if you wish and weather is permitting, but here are some suggested traditional flag days for you to keep in mind.

Holiday                                                           Day Observed
New Year's Day                                               January 1st

Inauguration Day                                             January 20th

Martin Luther King Jr. Day                                3rd Monday in January

Lincoln's Birthday                                             February 12th

Washington's Birthday                                      February 22nd

President's Day                                               3rd Monday in February

Mother's Day                                                   2nd Sunday in May

Peace Officer's Day                                          May 15

Armed Forces Day                                           3rd Saturday in May

Memorial Day                                                  Last Monday in May

Flag Day                                                         June 14th

Father's Day                                                    3rd Sunday in June

Independence Day                                           July 4th

Korean War Veterans Day                                July 27th

Labor Day                                                       1st Monday in September

Patriot's Day                                                   September 11th

Constitution Day                                              September 17th

Air Force Day                                                  September 17th

Columbus Day                                                October 17th

Native American Day                                       October 17th

Navy Day                                                       October 27th

Election Day                                                    1st Tuesday in November

Marine Corps Day                                            November 10th

Veteran's Day                                                  November 11th

Thanksgiving Day                                            4th Thursday in November

Pearl Harbor Day                                             December 7th